Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Running Role Model

Personally, I do not love running with my daughter in the BOB stroller. I am very very grateful to have a BOB and the ability to take my daughter on runs outside with me, but it does make it more difficult to run and if I had it my way, I would prefer to run solo. Although I do not necessarily prefer running with my daughter, she absolutely LOVES running with me. She is almost 21 months old and when she sees me put on workout clothes and toss my hair in a pony tail, she gladly fetches my running shoes and says "run, run, run" as she prances around in her best running interpretation of mommy. Often times when we are home and done with the run, she exclaims "again!". She has even taken to running around the house with her dolly in her little toy stroller. It's simply blissful.

Any mother will say that she wants to be a positive role model for her child. Through these little actions and my daughters excitement to simply go running with me, it really makes me feel like I am leaving a positive impression on my daughter. If I can't get my booty up to run for myself, then I should do it for her. I truly hope I can always be a healthy role model for my child (and future children...eventually) and I hope I will always strive to push myself to "run run run".

After the race with my biggest fan

In what ways are you a role model for your children? Or nieces and nephews, or friends children (if you don't have your own)?


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  1. You are making such a positive impression on her! Before you know it she will want her hair pulled back and a tank on so she can go run!!