Thursday, December 15, 2011

Forced Break

I've been going hard this least harder than the last few weeks. And for good reason. I have a forced break coming up. I am having surgery next Monday to correct my hearing in my right ear and the suggested rest time is 3 WEEKS!!! Gulp. 

There is a part of me, bigger than I'd like to admit, that is scared of "taking a rest" and not running for three weeks. Will I lose all I have worked so hard for? We all know how quickly we lose our endurance, but it is something more that just losing the miles. I think there is a genuine fear that I will lose my drive and motivation

Do you remember your first steps off the couch? Maybe you've always been a runner/athlete and can't relate to that. But for me, there have been definite seasons in my life where I have been really inactive. I was heavy and uncomfortable in my own skin. I have worked hard to rid my life of any trace of that old person, those old bad habits, and that harmful attitude. 

But even in the midst of my worry, I have a it's bigger than that....a flame of hope and encouragement. I have such a great support group with my family (I know the hubs is going to take such good care of me), friends, and this running blog to keep me on track.

Have you ever had to take a forced break from running? 

Have you ever worried about "losing" your miles, speed, motivation in running? 

What has kept your attitude afloat during a break?


  1. Your determination and desire will absolutely be the thing that prevents you from going backwards. May be tough to get up and get going at first once you're healed and back at it, but you will soon find your stride and be right back at it. You ARE a runner, it's in you and not going anywhere :)

  2. forced break from running? yes! right now! I took 2 weeks off, ran again and then had to be in the boot for 3 weeks (on my third week) it has been hard but honestly has gone by fast! good luck!

  3. Good luck with your surgery! I am so sorry you have to take a break and I so understand the fear of losing your drive and your fitness level. I just started running again after 10 weeks off and it was hard to deal with how slow I am now! But you know, I think I will bounce back and you will too! Doing something else active totally helps (although I don't know if you will be able to) and of course drinking....just kidding!