Sunday, December 25, 2011

HBBC Weekly recap (week 5)

Okay so last week I set a goal for myself to get more than 7 points this week! Wow, this week went by fast.

Sat 12/17- 
Sun 12/18-
Mon 12/19- Jillian workout video + 20 min stretch/abs = 2
Tues 12/20- 
Wed 12/21- ran 2.5 + 20 min stretch/abs = 3.5
Thur 12/22 - ran 2 miles = 2  (though I also cleaned for 2 hours straight so that should count for something!)
Fri 12/23-

Grand Total = 7.5

So weak. I admit I am very disappointed with myself. I have no idea where the days go sometimes and I think I often don't think it's been as long between workouts as it has been. I will admit right now that I don't think I will get anything in this weekend with it being Christmas and family being here. I don't think my hubby would be too thrilled if I ditched his fam (when they're only here for 2 days) and went out for a run. But let's see if I can at least beat 7.5 next week, even if I have to get those points in just a couple day span. I am envious of you crazy marathon runners right now, but right now I am just not in that shape. 


Jess' points badadaddadadadadaddaddadadadadad (drumroll)
2 points!!!
Yay for veggies!

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