Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Booty Buster - Week 3 recap (Katie & Jess)

HBBC recap for week 3: December 4-10

Well, it was another crummy week in terms of points but personally I had a great week. We took family photos, got into the Christmas spirit with my daughter, put up our Christmas Tree, had fun times with friends and family and I got a new client (I'm a doula). Really, I can't complain even if my HBBC points are minimal.

Sun 12/4 - nope
Mon 12/5- none
Tues 12/6- Ran 3 miles = 3 points (ran with my daughter in the BOB and had a great time!)
Wed 12/7- nada
Thurs 12/8- Ran 2 mi/stretch abs 20 min=3 points
Fri 12/9- Ran 2.2 miles = 2 points
Sat 12/10- zip

TOTAL=8 points

I did walk to the park during the week at one point but I didn't keep track of how far that was, so oh well. I am hoping the snow holds off a little longer so I can get in more outside runs instead of resorting to the treadmill (though I am very thankful to have a treadmill). 


Week 3 in all her glory:

Sun 12/4 - 3 mile virtual race PR baby! 3 points
Mon 12/5- 3 miles on treadmill at the gym 3 points
Tues 12/6- rest + veggies 1 point
Wed 12/7- flu-thought I was dying
Thurs 12/8- only slightly better
Fri 12/9- nothing
Sat 12/10- 3 miles 3 points

TOTAL=10 points
 Okay, not a lot of glory there. But "okay" considering I was SICK...AGAIN! Sheesh! I have one more week of workouts and then I have three weeks of post-surgery taking it easy. I better practice eating my veggies and fruit for those extra points! 


  1. way to go on staying positive, every little step counts towards having a healthy (ok once you aren't sick) holiday :)

  2. Great job ladies! During the first two weeks I was trying to rack up points to win a prize..I quickly realized I wasn't going to get on the leaderboard, so now I'm just challenging myself! Can I get more points than last week? Yes!!!! Keep it up!