Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Booty Buster Challenge - Week 2 (Katie & Jess)

This was not a good week in terms of points. But honestly for me, it was a nice "low pressure" week and I am not going to lie when I say that next week make look quite similar.

Here is the breakdown for week 2, Nov 27-Dec 3:

Sun 11/27  - 
Mon 11/28 - Walked 2 miles + stretch/abs 20 mins =  3 points 
Tues 11/29 -
Weds 11/30 - Run 2.5 miles + stretch 20 mins =3.5 points
Thurs 12/1 -
Fri 12/2 - Run 3 miles = 3 points
Sat 12/3-

TOTAL = 9.5


This week was bad, bad, bad. I am SO very glad to be participating in this challenge because left to my own devices, who knows the trouble I'd get myself into! I had sworn off treats, set high running goals, was committed to not only keeping those hard earned LBS off, but losing some more!!! blah blah blah, in one ear and out the this is the lowdown, pathetic, I know. Next week will be better!
Monday: 1 point for veggies
Tuesday: nada
Wednesday: 2 points for running
Thursday: nada
Friday: 5 points, barre 3  video plus 3 miles
Saturday: Zip
wha wha 8 points dang that's is quite the dip! 


  1. I had a big dip in week two. Don't be too hard on yourself. I love that we track points weekly, so this week can hold something totally new!

  2. Some is always better than none, right? I gave up on counting my points because between the broken toe and being sick I just don't think I'd have any points. So at least you guys are doing better than me!!