Sunday, December 18, 2011

HBBC update week 4

It is week four of the HBBC update and I can't believe we've been tracking for 4 weeks! Time is flying!
I realized as I went to log in my miles tonight that Katie and I recorded last week's points wrong. We went all the way to the 10th but we were suppose to only log our points through the 9th, this week was Dec 10-16...and since we are so close to winning (just kidding), I felt like it was worth making it right.

Here's my week-o-fun:
Saturday 12/10 3 mile run 3 points (went back and corrected last week's points, don't worry)
Sunday 12/11
Monday 12/12 2 miles 2 points plus 60 minute hell Body Sculpting 4 points (not sure on the points for body sculpting, but I am going to go with the low-impact cardio because it was circuit training...what do you think??)
Tuesday 12/13 1 point for seven fruit/veggie serving
Wednesday 12/14 3 mile run 3 points
Thursday 12/15 2 mile run 2 points
Friday 12/16 3 mile run 3 points

Week 4's total= 18 points total

Happy eating  running!!!


Unfortunately for me, counting last weeks points wrong did not really benefit me for this week since I didn't do anything on Saturday, Dec 10th. Bummer. Jess had a much better week than me, but I am not complaining as I am happy to just be moving my buns. 

Okay, week 4 (wow!), here you go:

Sat 12/10 -
Sun 12/11-
Mon 12/12- (yep, that's 3 lazy days in a row...don't judge!)
Tues 12/13- Ran 3 miles = 3 points
Weds 12/14- 20 min Jillian Michaels video = 1 point (actually not sure if this is 1 or 2??)
Thurs 12/15- Ran 2 miles + 20 min stretch/abs = 3 points
Fri 12/16-

TOTAL= 7 points
Oh wow, and now it's Christmas week. I think I will make it a goal to get more than 7 points during Christmas week, I think it's totally doable. 

On to week 5!


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