Friday, December 23, 2011

Secret Santa and the hospital...

This week has been a mixed bag. My surgery went great (stapedectomy in my right ear). However, it stinks to be on the couch, unable to hold my sweet girls, dizzy, uncomfortable, and drugged...BUT I am SO grateful that I have a loving family who steps in to help with the girls, friends that bring me food and paint my nails, and a husband who takes such amazing care of me. Not to mention receiving treatment that will restore my hearing....that is a great Christmas gift. 

Some pictures to make you jealous:
hot stuff!

Showing off my hospital gown's heating mechanism...seriously it had hot air blowing in....and yes, I liked it. 

Totally loopy, and happy. Just out of surgery

and in other news... Santa lives in Baltimore,  at least my Santa does. I participated in the Daily Mile's Secret Santa and it was so fun to send something off to another runner across the country, and then get something too! I love the running community and am continually blown away by the comradery and friendships that are created within this sport. 

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  1. So proud of how you tackled your surgery - with courage and humor:). Glad you are on the mend!