Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wanted: Your Thoughts on Training Plans

I love personality tests...do you? Often words like "perfectionist", "detail oriented", or "planner" end up in the description of who I am. It also cracks me up when someone will say, "oh, you're really laid back!" and then the next minute another person might say, "wow, can you say controlling???" I guess we all have our own definitions/personality qualifications. Anyway, when it comes to running I think personality plays a HUGE role. 

I would love to be the kind of runner that is self-motivated. It would be so lovely to get my booty out the door and just run 6 miles because it feels good. But the truth is I would never do that. Seriously, never

However, if a piece of paper titled, "Training Schedule" tells me that today I need to run 6 miles, you better believe this goody-two-shoes is gonna get it done. I hate not following the rules. So, as you can imagine this *break* between training is great...but hard. I am salivating for my next training schedule. For some guidance in my workouts!!! What is my goal and how in the heck am I going to reach it?

My past two half marathons were done with a free online training schedule. I can't even tell you who it was by or where I got it from. I also edited it a tad to fit my schedule a little better. This time around (that's right...Katie and I are planning our next HALF!!!! Details later, promise), I want a training schedule that I can really commit to. I also am excited because I have grown so much as a runner, I know this next season is going to feel different!

Here are some interesting things I've been researching (yes, I am a researcher too):

1. Hal Higdon- His training programs come in every form, web, phone, and book. 

2. Jeff Galloway- Free (always a great price) online training...not sure if it is enough though??

 3. Runnersworld- There are a ton of options available

 4. I DON'T KNOW!! None of these are really resonating with me...I need your help!

So readers, I would L-O-V-E your input. 

1. What is your go to training plan? Why do you love it?
2. Is your personality a "stick-with-the-plan" kinda deal or "make it up as I go"?
3. How do you prefer your training to be brought to you? via smartphone? book? internet?


  1. Wow, can't provide any advice - I just lace up my shoes and go or hop on the bike trainer if I don't feel like running. I'm grateful to have a good buddy who's a very serious triathlete, and she helps me plan a little bit better. I wish I had the $$ to pay for a personal running coach, alas...that will not happen anytime soon. Good luck with your next season!

  2. Hi there!
    Just dropping in.. I love this topic. A training plan can be very motivating. I found that the firs time I used one it was good for me to stick as closely to it as possible. I have heard good things about Hal Higdon- especially if your main goal is to just finish a new distance. Galloway is VERY respectable and has brought many, many people to the finish line successfully and uninjured. If you like the idea of scheduling short walk breaks, he could be the way to go. Even some sub 3 marathoners have improved their race times with his strategies.
    Best wishes!